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Last of his line

Rich and Matt Gallagher

In this episode of the Story Shed we hear from 77-year-old Rich Gallagher, in conversation with his nephew, Matt Gallagher. Rich is the last of his immediate family to still be in the ranching business, and it’s likely to stay that way, since his son Tim doesn’t plan to take over. Though he sold his property in 2001, Rich still ranches under a lease on the land where he grew up – right at the intersection of Point Reyes Petaluma road and Nicasio Valley Road. This spot is known to many locals because of the American flag that always waves from the top of a roadside rock formation.

Rich describes the old days in the small town of Nicasio, where he says their life was a model of sustainability before the idea had become popular. Click the arrow below to hear to him talk about the dances and peddlers of his childhood, and how he came to sell the ranch, or download the mp3 here.:


Girlhood on the ranch

Sally Gale of Chileno Valley Ranch talks with her 94-year-old mother, Anita Dolcini, about Anita’s life growing up on a dairy ranch in West Marin. She describes life on the ranch, speaking Swiss on the playground, helping cook breakfast for the hired men over a wood stove, and what it was like to be a young country girl attending UC Berkeley in the 1930s. Listen to the program by clicking the arrow below, or download the mp3 here.