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Surviving and thriving: from Amsterdam to Marin

Dina Angress and her daughter Ingrid Noyes

Dina Angress and her daughter Ingrid Noyes

Dina Angress went to high school with Anne Frank in Amsterdam, and came to California as a 19-year-old bride just a few years after surviving the German invasion of World War II. In 1948 her husband Herb – also known as Hans – got a job working for Bill Straus, founder of the now-renowned Straus Family Creamery. The two soon became business partners, and Dina and Herb spent two decades living, working, and raising their family on the shores of Tomales Bay, an hour north of San Francisco in the small country town of Marshall. It was a world away from Dina’s cosmopolitan childhood in Amsterdam, and from the year and a half she spent cut off from her family, in hiding from German soldiers during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

In this episode of the Story Shed, we join Dina and her daughter Ingrid Noyes as they talk about Dina’s childhood in the Netherlands, and life raising six kids on a Marin County dairy. Listen to the show by clicking the arrow below, or download the mp3 here. Learn more about Ingrid’s music camp here. Angress2